samedi 11 mai 2013

the crow -curare- covers-IDW Publishing-coming june 19

-hooo!! look at what Chris Ryall (my publisher at IDW) just send me ! (only the pictures of the covers printed haha can't wait to have the real ones in hands)
-whooaaa ! je viens de recevoir ça de mon éditeur chez IDW publishing ( ce n'est qu'une photo du comics imprimé je n'ai pas encore reçu d'exemplaires ... arrggghh !!! )

-the first covers by me  the second by James O'Barr and the last one with the blue sky by Miran Kim
-la première couv c'est la mienne, celle du milieu c'est de James O'Barr et celle avec le ciel bleu c'est de Miran Kim

jeudi 9 mai 2013

Trubble Club - the infinite corpse- my little strip for that . :D

short 3 panels strip for an amazing online project created by Aaron Renier and Nate Beaty
there is artists like Dave Cooper , Mike Allred, Art Spiegelman, Craig Thompson, Lilli Carré, Gabrielle Bell and many many many MORE !! that 's Awesome !!
here is the link :

mercredi 1 mai 2013

the CROW -Curare- O'barr-Dode-teaser 4

teaser , the crow curare issue 1, coming june 19. story James O'barr, art still myself haha!
( IDW publishing )