dimanche 7 juin 2015

Kuru-these machines are winning -vinyl-James O'barr cover - back cover antoine dodé

my friend Dylan Silvers with his band " these machine are winning" are launching there crowfunding project, here is the link
i did a the back cover illustration for one of there vinyl disc. the front cover is done by James O'Barr

jeudi 4 juin 2015

SLAVES FOR GODS, these machines are winning

my friend Dylan Silvers with his band " these machine are winning" are launching there crowfunding project a comic book series
here is the cover illustration i did for them . Aaron Minier is the main artist of the project , check out his work there : http://aaronminier.tumblr.com/

  and you can watch on of there music video right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeukJo5EXy8

samedi 18 avril 2015

ex libris 20 eme festival d'Amiens

Fr: Je n'ai rien
posté depuis une éternité. il y'a les 20 ans du festival d'Amiens qui arrive en juin, c'est l'ex-libris que je leur soumet pour l'occasion.  l'image est tirée d'un projet sur lequel je travaille avec James O'barr
( créateur de "the crow" ) . 
Eng: i  haven't posted anything for a while now . in june this is the 20th comic book convention in my hometown :  Amiens . Here is the picture i gave them to print an ex-libris out of it for that event . 
this come from a project i'm working on with James O'barr. hopefully i will be able to tell you more about it soon .

dimanche 7 décembre 2014

super heros

here is some super hero's fan art, i made recently, from the Marvel comics and DC comics universe. You can recognise the batman, the joker, spiderman and venom . 

vendredi 5 décembre 2014

projet '' CHEN '' scénario : Aurélien Ducoudray - dessin : Antoine Dodé ( teaser 1 )

one panel from an upcoming project with Aurelien Ducoudray a famous french writer and also a very very nice guy.

 case d'un projet en cours avec le célèbre Aurélien Ducoudray, scénariste entre autre de la série ''the grocery''